League 15 Season 58

The yellow background indicates that the player was a star of the game for that game.

Scouting Report

Position Height GPA Exam Scout
C 6-7 2.6 47 Poor
Shooting Defense Hands Rebounding Athleticism
Poor - Fair + Poor + Good + Fair -
Local Winning Impact
Good + Poor - Good -

Game Lines

Game Player Region Team Points Rebounds Assists Steals Turnovers Blocks
1Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1270111
2Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1394421
3Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1043300
4Alan Eldridge11Montgomery10100121
5Alan Eldridge11Montgomery981031
6Alan Eldridge11Montgomery12112030
7Alan Eldridge11Montgomery861110
8Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1481040
9Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1053210
10Alan Eldridge11Montgomery751122
11Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1171021
12Alan Eldridge11Montgomery362110
13Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1561203
14Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1760401
15Alan Eldridge11Montgomery461303
16Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1160000
17Alan Eldridge11Montgomery766140
18Alan Eldridge11Montgomery562030
19Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1053001
20Alan Eldridge11Montgomery8130031
21Alan Eldridge11Montgomery1294121
22Alan Eldridge11Montgomery874010
23Alan Eldridge11Montgomery7124020
24Alan Eldridge11Montgomery7122112
25Alan Eldridge11Montgomery852001
26Alan Eldridge11Montgomery9101313
27Alan Eldridge11Montgomery452124

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