League 15 Season 58

The yellow background indicates that the player was a star of the game for that game.

Scouting Report

Position Height GPA Exam Scout
SG 6-6 2.7 49 Poor
Shooting Defense Hands Rebounding Athleticism
Poor - Fair - Poor + Fair - Fair +
Local Winning Impact
Fair + Poor - Exc +

Game Lines

Game Player Region Team Points Rebounds Assists Steals Turnovers Blocks
1Brien Kern17Owensboro621160
2Brien Kern17Owensboro715120
3Brien Kern17Owensboro1242140
4Brien Kern17Owensboro841311
5Brien Kern17Owensboro731112
6Brien Kern17Owensboro432352
7Brien Kern17Owensboro762040
8Brien Kern17Owensboro1940010
9Brien Kern17Owensboro1721010
10Brien Kern17Owensboro964013
11Brien Kern17Owensboro944032
12Brien Kern17Owensboro1001230
13Brien Kern17Owensboro1172130
14Brien Kern17Owensboro131030
15Brien Kern17Owensboro1322111
16Brien Kern17Owensboro125040
17Brien Kern17Owensboro1033110
18Brien Kern17Owensboro751330
19Brien Kern17Owensboro940040
20Brien Kern17Owensboro952251
21Brien Kern17Owensboro960150
22Brien Kern17Owensboro1354130
23Brien Kern17Owensboro1492132
24Brien Kern17Owensboro942100
25Brien Kern17Owensboro1212161
26Brien Kern17Owensboro940051
27Brien Kern17Owensboro1711030

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