League 15 Season 58

The yellow background indicates that the player was a star of the game for that game.

Scouting Report

Position Height GPA Exam Scout
C 6-9 4.0 66 Good
Shooting Defense Hands Rebounding Athleticism
Fair + Good - Good - Good + Fair
Local Winning Impact
Poor + Good - Fair -

Game Lines

Game Player Region Team Points Rebounds Assists Steals Turnovers Blocks
1Herschel Holloway20Little Rock13123132
2Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1560014
3Herschel Holloway20Little Rock2081001
4Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1712101
5Herschel Holloway20Little Rock8113212
6Herschel Holloway20Little Rock6104111
7Herschel Holloway20Little Rock851014
8Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1272102
9Herschel Holloway20Little Rock872012
10Herschel Holloway20Little Rock9101011
11Herschel Holloway20Little Rock12133212
12Herschel Holloway20Little Rock14103011
13Herschel Holloway20Little Rock571002
14Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1892003
15Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1171314
16Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1433012
17Herschel Holloway20Little Rock16122300
18Herschel Holloway20Little Rock564002
19Herschel Holloway20Little Rock9162002
20Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1864200
21Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1460102
22Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1262102
23Herschel Holloway20Little Rock19115012
24Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1252402
25Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1360004
26Herschel Holloway20Little Rock1784002
27Herschel Holloway20Little Rock2380202

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