League 3 Season 81

The yellow background indicates that the player was a star of the game for that game.

Scouting Report

Position Height GPA Exam Scout
C 6-11 3.7 58 Good
Shooting Defense Hands Rebounding Athleticism
Fair + Good - Poor + Poor - Good -
Local Winning Impact
Fair Good - Poor +

Game Lines

Game Player Region Team Points Rebounds Assists Steals Turnovers Blocks
1Darin Hardy5Ithaca742221
2Darin Hardy5Ithaca1082102
3Darin Hardy5Ithaca1232212
4Darin Hardy5Ithaca1860212
5Darin Hardy5Ithaca511103
6Darin Hardy5Ithaca1120211
7Darin Hardy5Ithaca2272111
8Darin Hardy5Ithaca1581202
9Darin Hardy5Ithaca581032
10Darin Hardy5Ithaca1450202
11Darin Hardy5Ithaca1940233
12Darin Hardy5Ithaca1261011
13Darin Hardy5Ithaca1170300
14Darin Hardy5Ithaca872200
15Darin Hardy5Ithaca1670222
16Darin Hardy5Ithaca18110212
17Darin Hardy5Ithaca2161500
18Darin Hardy5Ithaca2341003
19Darin Hardy5Ithaca1341000
20Darin Hardy5Ithaca10101043
21Darin Hardy5Ithaca1861110
22Darin Hardy5Ithaca981311
23Darin Hardy5Ithaca961412
24Darin Hardy5Ithaca661411
25Darin Hardy5Ithaca1141212
26Darin Hardy5Ithaca1083211
27Darin Hardy5Ithaca1591000

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