League 3 Season 81

The yellow background indicates that the player was a star of the game for that game.

Scouting Report

Position Height GPA Exam Scout
SG 6-2 3.4 58 Exc
Shooting Defense Hands Rebounding Athleticism
Good - Good - Fair + Good - Fair -
Local Winning Impact
Fair Fair - Fair +

Game Lines

Game Player Region Team Points Rebounds Assists Steals Turnovers Blocks
1Reginald Garcia3Hartford1122231
2Reginald Garcia3Hartford1542030
3Reginald Garcia3Hartford2711010
4Reginald Garcia3Hartford1671010
5Reginald Garcia3Hartford3212220
6Reginald Garcia3Hartford1021121
7Reginald Garcia3Hartford2113010
8Reginald Garcia3Hartford1201010
9Reginald Garcia3Hartford632210
10Reginald Garcia3Hartford2213221
11Reginald Garcia3Hartford1000200
12Reginald Garcia3Hartford1241310
13Reginald Garcia3Hartford1931201
14Reginald Garcia3Hartford1762100
15Reginald Garcia3Hartford2574121
16Reginald Garcia3Hartford1530010
17Reginald Garcia3Hartford1601150
18Reginald Garcia3Hartford1352130
19Reginald Garcia3Hartford1651300
20Reginald Garcia3Hartford936130
21Reginald Garcia3Hartford1250120
22Reginald Garcia3Hartford2331110
23Reginald Garcia3Hartford1634220
24Reginald Garcia3Hartford1432040
25Reginald Garcia3Hartford1962000
26Reginald Garcia3Hartford852130
27Reginald Garcia3Hartford1132103

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