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Local Preference

In oDTL the local preference was for the individual region, slightly less for one region away and slightly less for two regions away. This would include wrap around at the ends, such as Region 1 was considered 1 region way from region 32 and vice versa.

In nDTL the local preference encapsulates a 4 region pod, which is more geographically aligned than oDTL. The pods are:

Regions 1 - 4

Regions 5 - 8

Regions 9 - 12

Regions 13 - 16

Regions 17 - 20

Regions 21 - 24

Regions 25 - 28

Regions 29 - 32


Tall Point Guards

In oDTL there was a penalty for point guards who were 6'7 or taller. In nDTL it is a much more gradual scale and a bit more ambiguous where and how much of a penalty for a point guard based on their height.

Game Engine