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League Compass

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78 Preseason NTT HS '78 Wrap-up
79 Preseason NTT HS '79 Wrap-up
80 Preseason NTT HS '80 Wrap-up
81 Preseason NTT HS '81 Wrap-up
82 Preseason NTT HS '82 Wrap-up
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We created something called a compass which is a conformed template placed in the top-right hand corner of all pages of common history. In the case the of the League 27 Compass, we are documenting each season's NTT Brackets as well as corresponding recruit information. Browsers can return to the this page by selecting League 27 Home.

This compass will allow you to jump from NTT season to NTT season to see which teams return or have back-to-back deep runs into the NTT.

The corresponding recruiting information (Labeled by Graduating HS Class) is also maintained.

The League 27 Compass (and all the corresponding links within) can be maintained and updated by updating the Template: LeagueCompass. This allows for the web pages and the compasses to be uniform and consistent from page to page.


season NTT champion NTT runnerup NTT Final 4 NTT Final 4 NTT Elite 8 NTT Elite 8 NTT Elite 8 NTT Elite 8
46 Roswell Gulf Shores Twin Falls Carlsbad Hartford New Haven Clearwater Lexington
45 Gulf Shores Clearwater San Jose Raleigh Fargo Montpelier Memphis Wilkes Barre
44 Rosewell Allentown Lexington Greenville Hialeah Carlsbad Gulf Shores Battle Creek
43 Raleigh Rosewell Tallahassee Allentown Fargo Youngstown Beaumont Yuma
42 Raleigh Hartford Culver City Roswell Gulf Shores Tallahassee Panama City Fargo
41 Raleigh Roswell Fargo Allentown Mobile Oakland Gulf Shores Tallahassee
40 Tallahassee Ames Hartford San Antonio Lexington Burbank Raleigh Allentown
39 Raleigh Hartford Montgomery Allentown Tallahassee Richmond Des Moines Memphis
38 Hartford Allentown Raleigh Norfolk Montpelier Montgomery Tallahassee Blacksburg
37 raleigh montgomery clearwater lubbock tallahassee buffalo allentown richmond
36 raleigh st paul des moines tallahassee roswell lubbock evansville south bend
35 raleigh atlantic city roswell wheeling montpelier st paul pensacola bethlehem
34 roswell branson raleigh birmingham bangor naples hialeah wheeling
33 fargo minneapolis roswell memphis naples hialeah raleigh tallahassee
32 topeka allentown college station pensacola tallahassee harrisburg bangor twin falls
31 roswell bangor clearwater hialeah lubbock south bend raleigh frankfort
30 raleigh frankfort roswell battle creek del mar greenville manassas tuscaloosa
29 huntington beach galveston roswell oakland casper blacksburg del mar odessa
28 lubbock galveston south bend manassas tallahassee helena del mar owensboro
27 greenville ithaca midland newark huntington beach battle creek hartford cincinnati
26 hialeah stockton louisville frankfort pontiac raleigh battle creek cincinnati
25 huntington beach lubbock erie greenville raleigh lexington santa fe san francisco
24 youngstown raleigh lubbock pensacola erie midland manassas clearwater
23 peoria lubbock hialeah bangor louisville greenville shawnee san francisco
22 dearborn culver city shawnee naples greenville hershey boulder hialeah
21 philadelphia boston wilkes barre blacksburg greenville amarillo jersey city galveston
20 greenville boston philadelphia twin falls tucson lake tahoe dayton galveston
19 wilkes barre oakland des moines lansing aurora philadelphia roswell galveston
18 inglewood blacksburg syracuse glendale aspen lake tahoe culver city philadelphia
17 blacksburg mobile ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
16 bangor louisville ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
15 hialeah blacksburg mobile ??? biloxi ??? ??? ???
14 laramie ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
13 bangor ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
12 hartford ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???