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SimSports College Basketball

Welcome! The intent of this site is to provide an easy-ish place to store helpful information about getting started with the Simulated Sports (SimSports) College Basketball game. This will also be used to store league histories, helpful hints, and any other user pages.

I definitely recommend taking a look at MediaWiki Help and Wiki test formatting help for how things are formatted.

One request about adding pages, if adding pages with league specific data please include the league number in the link somehow (e.g. lg5, league15, etc.).--Modred 06:44, 6 February 2007 (PST)

What is SimSports?

SimSports College Basketball is a simulated game developed by SmartAcre, LLC and may be played for free. (There is also the ability to upgrade your program for a nominal fee.) The game offers you the ability to recruit and coach players to your style or liking. There are also several other aspects of the game: naming recruits (to give it a personal feel); playing scrimmages (to see what works and doesn't work during the season); scrimmage recruits (find a diamond in the rough?); schedule opponents for your three exhibition games and three out-of-conference games (are you scheduling perennial powers or cupcakes?) and a variety of other options.

CURRENT STATUS: The game is testing kmoney's new version, keep up to date at the forum.

Why Play SimSports?

Other than it being a great sports management game it is also one of the few online web games where new players enter on a relatively even playing field. Unlike many sports management games it is not simply a case of the oldest teams in the game having accumulated the most resources. As players only stay with a team for 4 seasons there are no resources to accumulate other than knowledge of the game. This leads to a more level playing field than many online games.

Help Topics

Don't forget to have a look at the "New Coach Instructions / Information" forum on the message board.


Lecrae Mega Tournament

This tournament was started by coach Bobby11 as a mock of the 4096 Zenith Tournament. The first tournament began during RL March Madness and consisted of 68 teams fighting for the honor of becoming the best team in all of DTL.

oDTL vs nDTL

For those who use to play oDTL (old Drive the Lane) and are wondering what is different with nDTL (new Drive the Lane), you can check it out here:

Getting A Wiki Account

To make sure your account gets approved in a timely fashion please also post a message on the game forums and/or send a private message to modred there (not *modred).

Modred has had troubles getting PMs on the message board. The best way to get your account activated is posting a message in the main message board with the expression 'Wiki Account Activation' in the title. --Blue 13:46, 21 March 2011 (UTC)

Naphtali is also able to approve accounts. You can also try PM'ing him on the SimSports Message Board

Converting HTML to Wiki, Quickly

1) Navigate to any Drive The Lane web page (all-conference selection for example)

2) Right-click and select "View Frame" > "View Frame Source"

3) Cut and paste the bottom line of that html into the Html->Wiki converter

4) HTML Converter - [1]

5) Cut and paste the output into the wiki

Other SmartAcre Websites

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Helper Programs

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