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About League 7

League 7 is perhaps the 3rd most active league in SimSports College Basketball. Recent seasons have seen a large increase in participation which is expected to continue as less CPU coaches exist currently in L7 than any other SimSports College League (Number of "Active" Coaches Per League). While the metrics of this analysis may be flawed, there has been a noticeable shift in recruiting competition for coaches that have been in the league for 10+ seasons.

League 7 is also home to a group of coaches who share a passion for SimSports Hoops and Wake Forest University athletics. The group consists of approximately 20 league 7 coaches and are responsible for the popular pre-season tournament known as the DeACCon Challenge

Goal of this Wiki

Over the seasons, I have experienced a lot of joy in League 7 and it is my hope that some of the 'role-play' and excitement that I've enjoyed can be shared with other fans of League 7. As a secondary objective, some members of the SimSports forum community have expressed the feeling that lack of forum participation equates to inactivity within a league. It is my hope that other League 7 coaches will step up and add their Legacy to this Wiki so that we can show the community that League 7 is active and thriving.

--Storm 07:10, 2 March 2012 (PST)

League Compass

The League Compass is a conference navigation template setup to allow for quick navigation across League 7's various conferences. The template can be modified for any conference simply by passing a league ID (LID) value and a "minimum season" (MIS) value (i.e. put {{LeagueCompass|LID=7|minS=70}} at the top of the page) Wiki contributors are encouraged to utilize this template for uniform navigation across League 7 and any other Leagues that decide to utilize the template.

Coach Organized Tournaments

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Tournament Active

Organized tournaments are a great way for coaches to test their teams' ability against other top programs in the Nation. Tournaments come in two flavors, preseason and regular season and both are organized by coaches submitted schedule request prior to the season roll-over.

The DeACCon Challenge is a pre-season tournament organized by awaken and started as a friendly tournament between Wake Forest fans. Each season teams meet in Winston-Salem, NC to battle out for the DeACCon cup over 3 pre-season and 3 regular season matches. The tournament has grown in popularity and was later expanded to include fans of ACC schools and other League 7 teams. There is no hard restriction on entry, but WFU fans get priority entry. As of Season 70, the tournament has expanded to 16 teams due to it's popularity and the lack of a 2nd pre-season tournament.

Past Champions

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