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League Overview

League 5 is one of the most intense and active leagues in all of SimSports, trailing only League 15 in message board activity. L5 has a reputation as one of the most difficult leagues in which to recruit and maintains a solid stable of good coaches. In addition, the Noll-scully metrics show L5 as currently being the most competitively balanced of the leagues tracked by coach tdane.

L5 has the benefit of receiving regular updates from tdane's SimSportsUtilities, which are used to generate previews, recaps, and other interesting stats to provide some message board fodder. Additionally, L5 is home to the WNTT Radio Show.

Check out bassgallman's recruiting rankings page for L5 as well.

League Compass

League 5 Home
Season Previews NTT Brackets Recruiting Season Wrap-Up
74 Preseason NTT HS '74 Wrap-up
75 Preseason NTT HS '75 Wrap-up
76 Preseason NTT HS '76 Wrap-up
77 Preseason NTT HS '77 Wrap-up
78 Preseason NTT HS '78 Wrap-up
Conf. 1 Conf. 2 Conf. 3 Conf. 4 Conf. 5
Conf. 6 Conf. 7 Conf. 8 Conf. 9 Conf. 10
Conf. 11 Conf. 12 Conf. 13 Conf. 14 Conf. 15
Conf. 16 Conf. 17 Conf. 18 Conf. 19 Conf. 20
Conf. 21 Conf. 22 Conf. 23 Conf. 24 Conf. 25
Conf. 26 Conf. 27 Conf. 28 Conf. 29 Conf. 30
Conf. 31 Conf. 32

We created something called a compass which is a conformed template placed in the top-right hand corner of all pages of common history. Browsers can return to the this page by selecting League 5 Home.

This compass will allow you to jump from NTT season to NTT season to see which teams return or have back-to-back deep runs into the NTT.

The corresponding recruiting information (Labeled by Graduating HS Class) is also maintained.

The League 5 Compass (and all the corresponding links within) can be maintained and updated by updating the Template: LeagueCompass. This allows for the web pages and the compasses to be uniform and consistent from page to page.

Early Season Tournaments

League 5 currently boasts two premier tournaments that span 6 games, the three exhibition games and the first three non-conference games. The top performers in these games compete in a single-elimination tournament following the games which is conducted via scrimmage. These are filled to the brim with top-notch competition and are a blast to participate in.

S71 S72 S73 S74 S75 S76 S77
S71 S72 S73 S74 S75 S76 S77
S71 S72 S73 S74 S75 S76 S77


Coach johnnyorr started GAMIT in Season 56 with two four-team pods. The tournament has since expanded to 24 teams.


The Inferno was organized by coach bobby11 in Season 62 and has rapidly grown with 30 teams expected next season.


The ROI is the name given to the game between the Inferno and GAMIT champions.

Coach of the Year Voting

The L5 coaches vote in a COTY every season. Starting with S70, coach tdane's SimSportsUtilities started generating a COTY as well. Past winners:

S Coaches tdane
77 TBD bobby11, Joplin
76 -- pyoung1, Brunswick
75 strategy9, Ithaca dm3k1, Kansas City
74 abatmanw, Montgomery 4oldtimer, Raleigh
73 arsonic, Stamford arsonic, Stamford
72 gohuskies, Dover lowden, Cheyenne
71 asfan, Cincinnati bingo, Pontiac
70 rpainter, Springfield bingo, Pontiac
69 bingo, Pontiac --
68 findog37, Macon --
67 coachandy, Allentown --
66 tman5, Omaha --
65 mightyq, Tuscon --
64 abatmanw, Montgomery --
63 taleron8, Flagstaff --

LeagueFive Professional Hoops Organization (LPHO)

The LPHO is the NBA of League 5. Former St. Paul standout, Morris Burrow, is the media head of the league, bringing all of the action to the coach's message board. The league uses a series of random number generators and formulas to produce realistic and exciting career trends and story lines.

Historical Data

This section includes older data that hasn't been updated in the league compass.