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The best players will receive the maximum number of recruiting points (17) each week from multiple coaches. If you want a chance of signing the best players you will have to do the same, so plan accordingly how many players you will max. LTT teams can theoretically max 4 players, but that leaves no points for a safety net.


  • Maxing the 2 or 3 best recruits available is likely to leave you in high ties with only a 20% chance (or worse) of landing each player. You may want to consider maxing 1 or 2 of the best players and 1 or 2 guys who are likely to be low ties (or even leads)

Safety Net

While Ideally you should be aiming for at least three clear leads so that you can avoid walk-ons.


  • Use the early recruiting bonus

When you spend one or more points, or give a scholarsip on/to a player in the first week of recruiting you will receive a bonus of 15RPE on that player. In the second week you will receive 13 additional RPE and you receive 2 less bonus RPE each week.

  • Make a large safety net

Maximise your use of the early recruiting bonus by making a large safety net in the first week. Especially when you are first starting, consider using only 2 maxes and spending 33x1 RPE on safety net players until you get a feel for which players get maxed in your league and which ones don't get recruited at all. This will give you 33 players at 16RPE after the first week.

  • Experiment

Use your safety net to discover which sorts of players (by scout, attributes, height, preference, position etc) get maxed in your league and which ones don't. If you can find a pattern for effective players that don't get maxed you're on your way to building a good safety net each season.

  • First Drop

If its late in the season and you can't establish any more leads consider getting to first drop (1/x) on recruits. The team in the lead might sign 3 different players and then you will be in a position to sign that player.

General Tips

  • Players need 28RPE to be guaranteed to sign with you, they might sign for less, but get to 28 to make sure.
  • If you are more than 3RPE behind on a recruit you are unlikely to have the first chance of signing the player, consider spending your points elsewhere
  • Even if you have a clear lead on a player you need to spend 5RPE on that player each week to guarantee a 1RPE lead on that player.
  • Don't forget to give scholarships to players you want to sign!

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