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Shooting The word rating shown will be the average ability of the player's 2FG, 3FG and FT shooting capabilities. It is definitely worth having a look at a player's percentages from each range as some "good" shooters might be an ace FT shooter, but average elsewhere. Conversely a "fair" shooting big man might be a dreadful three point shooter, but a great inside scorer.

Defending This covers shot defending as well as steals and blocks.

Handling The word rating shown will be the average ability of the player's ball-control (read turnovers) and passing

Rebounding The ability to grab both offensive and defensive rebounds.

Intelligence The first of the complimentary skills. Intelligent players make better shooting (may shoot less when having an off night, and more when shooting well) and passing decisions (more assists, less turnovers). There are theories that it also enhances rebounding and helps with zone defense. Is apparently the skill that determines whether a player inbounding the ball calls a timeout before receiving a 5 second violation. Has the most impact at PG and SF (as they are the only position to inbound the ball)

Athleticism The second complimentary skill. Athleticism will enhance shooting, defending and rebounding. It is also attributed by some coaches to drawing more fouls and conceding fewer fouls.


Lineup Selection

Shot Settings


Training makes only a very small difference over the course of a player's career. It is not unusual to see only 1 player (or even no players) improve the word rating of an attribute one level every 3 or 4 season.


  • Look to see if your underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) have a particular weakness that needs suring up and consider training that attribute.
  • If you don't know what to train, train defending. You can get away with only a few shooters taking the bulk of your team's shots, but everyone needs to play defense.

Substitution Patterns



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